Letter from an Admin:
     If you've never been to a Lannage event you may be asking youself "What exactly is Lannage?", but before I answer that I may ask you: "WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?!"... and while you stare at me I would tell you it's only the greatest Lan Party in the Peoria, Arizona area and possibly the world!

     Lannage is, as the number 1 Quake 3 champion of the world, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel said, "the coolest". Ok, he never actually said that about Lannage, but I would venture a guess that the words "the coolest" have come from his mouth. I guess I should also admit the fact that he has never even been to a Lannage event, but that is completely beside the point.

     The fact is, Lannage is the place you come when you want to play for the sake of playing. It's the place to come if you want to meet other gamers like yourself. It can even be the place to come to show off your uber CS:S skills by pwning mass n00bs! Sure, there'll be prizes, but if prizes is your reason for coming I don't want you there. We're all there to have fun and have a good time. And anyway, why wouldn't you want to come have fun. I heard someone say once that Lannage is the greatest LAN Party in the world! So Register Now!

-Robbie Reed
Lannage Admin